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Many clients in Toronto and the GTA and across Ontario are using second mortgages to consolidate high interest rate debts, renovate their homes or pay for unexpected expenses. Up to 80% LTV second mortgages are available. A second mortgage does not replace your existing first mortgage.

It is a second position mortgage which is advantageous if you currently hold a favorably low rate first mortgage and do not want to discharge due to penalties, fees, etc. Second mortgages can also be arranged with greater ease due to the amount of lenders available both institutionally and privately.

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Second Mortgage Info and Tips

The lending area of 2nd mortgages is different from the usual refinancing of 1st mortgages. This is because most private loan investors or companies take into consideration the equity remaining within the home following the 2nd mortgage loan being approved and secured to the land legally. They typically never worry as much about credit score ranking and employment income even if self employed for example. Banks , and regular institutional lenders do care more and that is why you sometimes have to look at other sources for where you can get a 2nd mortgage loan. Additionally , the lenders who loan money privately do not care just as much about how you are using the cash , or what its for , etc.

A 2nd mortgage is often a financial loan secured to your residence that may be typically organized following you have already got a 1st house loan on the house. Most debtors use 2nd mortgages to payoff current debts, for renovation reasons or to acquire unexpected emergency money for any objective. There are numerous equity lending private lenders in Toronto  who will supply cash for any 2nd mortgage financial loan up to 80% loan to value. Lenders prefer to mortgage homes that are in larger cities and favor detached residences and condos usually.

Second mortgage loan costs in Canada are around 10% to 14% and this is due to the fact that the mortgage is considered a higher risk to lenders as it is not in 1st position like a regular mortgage. Payments are on a monthly basis, interest only in almost all cases and there are prepayment options as well. Such as, a $100,000 2nd home loan mortgage at 10% will cost about $833 monthly. Most 2nd mortgage lenders will want you to agree to a 12 month period or term and will permit for early repayment that has a 30-90 day interest penalty. After the one calendar year time period is over, the financial institution will often give you the chance to renew the house loan for yet another calendar year or they can consult you to pay for the loan in full. At this time it is possible to pay back the 2nd mortgage loan with your personal resources or arrange for a further mortgage loan by using a new lender. Service fees to arrange a 2nd mortgage in Canada usually are broker and legal , lender fees and appraisal. For instance, a mortgage for $100,000 would typically price about $8000 – $10000 in total fees. Broker, lender , legal expenses can generally be deducted in the 2nd mortgage loan advance when it is completed at the lawyers office .Appraisal fees are usually the only up front expense.

  • Second Mortgage interest rates begin at the prime rate and up
  • Borrower qualifications are usually based more on home equity rather than credit and income
  • Most second mortgages are interest only payments and 1 year terms
  • Up to 80% of Home Value can be used to arrange a 2nd mortgage in Toronto & the GTA

There are situations when you may cash out some home equity using a second mortgage:

  • You may have accumulated a large amount of debt through auto loans, balances on high interest credit cards , credit lines and other bills (medical costs, kid’s tuition fees, etc.) and need to pay them off. This will help increase your monthly cash flow and reduce interest costs.
  • You may wish to repay and eliminate judgments, consumer proposals or unsettled collections. Also, you may want to payoff for your car loan, purchase a vacation property or plan for a vacation. You can obtain the required cash by taking out a 2nd mortgage loan.
  • There may be an opportunity for you to invest in stocks , mutual funds or business investments. You can then use a second loan to go for it. But check out if the rate of return on your investment is higher than the second mortgage rate. Only then it will turn out to be a profitable venture.


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