toronto-houseMortgage Pre-Approvals

Planning on purchasing a home? The first step is to get pre-approved. This will help you get your financing process started, hold an interest rate for up to 120 days and give you a clear picture of your maximum mortgage affordability. All that is needed is a simple online application with your current income or salary and existing monthly loan payments. I will help you arrange a mortgage that suits your unique needs for your mortgage pre-approval.


Self Employed Mortgage

These mortgage programs are directed toward the “business for self” individual that cannot prove his or her income through personal income tax documentation or salaried pay. Today’s lenders and mortgage insurers make it easy for the self-employed consumer to obtain mortgage financing. With a minimum amount down, a stated letter of income and proof that you’re business for self, this can be the easiest and fastest way to secure financing, with discounted interest rates.

Bad Credit Mortgage

Today there are more and more lenders offering financing to those who are re-establishing their credit rating. Mortgage financing is available up to 90% at competitive interest rates.

Cash Back Mortgage

These mortgage programs are designed for clients who have a down payment but require extra funds after closing to help with purchasing items such as furniture, appliances etc. Generally, these products are offered by most mortgage lenders.

Rental/Investment Property Mortgage Products

Today it is easier than ever to arrange mortgage financing for Rental/Investment properties. 20% Downpayment is required for most rental or investment property purchase.

Purchase Plus Improvements

These mortgage programs allow you to purchase a home and add the “improvements” into the mortgage. This is perfect for the situations where a buyer wants to purchase a property, but has home renovations in mind. There is also a Refinance Plus Improvements product available.


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