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CIBC Mortgage Rates


CIBC Mortgage is one of Canada's top lenders and features fixed rates, variable rates and open mortgages.

Mortgage products include discounted fixed rates for 1 to 5, 7, or 10 year terms. Variable rate mortgages are for a 5 year term.

CIBC Mortgage Rates


On applying, CIBC Mortgage will guarantee your fixed rate for 120 days. If rates fall during the rate guarantee period, you will be given the lower rate.

Payment Frequencies

You can select from monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, as well as accelerated weekly and bi-weekly payment options. The more frequently you pay, the more you could save.

Portable & Assumable

Built in flexibility that will help you adjust to changes in your life. Should you decide to move, you can rest easy that your  mortgage is portable and assumable. If you decide to sell your home, you can either take your mortgage with you (port) or give your buyer the opportunity to take it over (assume) penalty free, at your current rate, term and loan amount.


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Client Testimonials

My experience with Darin was very positive and his service was excellent. My mortgage was approved quickly and with a very low interest rate. The application process was easy and made my home buying experience stress-free. I will certainly recommend his mortgage services to my family and friends. Thank You Darin!

Lynn  - Toronto, Ontario

Recently we asked Darin to help with a mortgage refinance on our Condo in downtown Toronto. He provided us with exceptional service, worked efficiently with us and the lender to find us the lowest mortgage rate available. We recommend Darin's services full-heartedly.

Peter & Fabiana -  Toronto, Ontario

Darin helped us with a mortgage refinance to payoff our high-interest credit cards. We were very happy with his service and the low interest rate our mortgage was approved at. We will definitely refer him to friends & family.

Albert - Brampton, Ontario

We wanted to refinance our mortgage and we hadn't used a mortgage broker before. Darin was amazing. He recommended that we consolidate our credit lines and credit card debts into a low rate mortgage. With his help we saved money and increased our monthly cash flow. Darin took care of everything by refinancing our mortgage and our financial life into much better shape. Thank you Darin!

Cindy - Mississauga, Ontario



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