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5 Year Variable Rate Mortgage - 2.40%

5 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate - 2.89%

4 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate - 2.77%

3 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate - 2.74%

2 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate - 2.59%

10 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate - 4.39%

Secured Credit Line Rate - 3.50%


- Other mortgage terms and rates available. Inquire today for details.

- Most mortgage products come with the following features:

- 20% Pre-Payment Privilege & 20% Payment Increase Option

- Monthly , Bi-Weekly , Weekly Payment Option

- Portable and Assumable Mortgage Clause






First National Mortgage
Home Trust Mortgage  
National Bank of Canada
Laurentian Bank
Merix Mortgage
DUCA Credit Union
Street Capital
Equitable Trust
ICICI Bank of Canada
and many more...



Toronto Mortgage Broker Services

It's simple. I can offer you the best mortgage products available and the lowest mortgage rates

This saves you time and money as I will do the shopping for you with over 40 different mortgage lenders in Canada. 

 There are no up-front fees and no obligations. As well, our mortgage services are free of charge
  for most  residential arrangements as we receive our compensation from the lender.

Contact me for your  mortgage refinance , home purchase preapproval , second mortgage or mortgage renewal .

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Using a Mortgage Broker - How it Works

Mortgage shoppers in recent years have been using mortgage brokers at a steadily increasing rate. There are quite a few reasons to select a mortgage broker versus using your bank branch to arrange a mortgage. The most important reasons are access to the lowest mortgage rates, a diversity of mortgage products and knowledgable , efficient service. This will allow you to get a mortgage suited to your needs and financial goals, at a low mortgage rate and with customer oriented service not only during the application process , but well after for the life of your mortgage.




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About Mortgage Intelligence

Mortgage Intelligence is Canada's leader when it comes to arranging mortgages for homeowners. Together with affiliated firm Invis, Mortgage Intelligence reached a new milestone in the industry in 2010 $100 billion in mortgages funded. Coast to coast our team of professional mortgage brokers provide a full range of mortgage and insurance products supported by expert mortgage advice tailored to your unique goals and financial situations. Mortgage Intelligence is the largest mortgage broker in Canada, with more than 1,000 independent consultants and associates in offices across Canada. Mortgage Intelligence consultants help clients make better mortgage decisions for their home or vacation properties, mortgage refinancing, renewals, second mortgages, debt consolidation needs and specialized mortgage requirements. Mortgage Intelligence has become a leader in introducing innovative products that cater to niche segments such as the self-employed and poor credit clients.

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Client Testimonials

Recently, we asked Darin to help arrange our mortgage refinance in Toronto. He provided us with exceptional service & worked efficiently with us and the lender to find us the lowest mortgage rate available. We highly recommend Darin's mortgage services.

Peter & Fabiana - Toronto, Ontario

We wanted to refinance our mortgage and we hadn't used a mortgage broker before. Darin was amazing. He recommended that we consolidate our credit lines and credit card debts into a low rate mortgage. With his help we saved money and increased our monthly cash flow. Darin took care of everything put our financial life into much better shape. Thank you Darin!

Cindy - Mississauga , Ontario

My experience with Darin was very positive and his service was excellent. My mortgage was approved quickly and with a very low interest rate. The application process was easy and made my home buying experience stress-free. I will certainly recommend his mortgage services to my family and friends.

Lynn  - Toronto , Ontario

Darin helped us with a much needed mortgage refinancing to payoff our high-interest credit cards. We were very happy with his service and the low interest rate our mortgage was approved at. We will definitely refer him to friends & family.

Albert - Brampton , Ontario

 I would like to thank you on behalf of my family for giving us peace of mind again and helping arrange our low rate mortgage refinance. I will definitely recommend your services to all of my friends and family!

Kenneth - Toronto, Ontario

With less than 2 weeks to our closing date, we contacted Darin to arrange our mortgage for a home purchase. He truly was amazing and efficient. He managed to arrange our mortgage on time and at a very low rate. This was our first time using a mortgage broker and we can highly recommend Darin.

Collet & Laurens -Toronto , Ontario


Darin was very helpful by providing us with a lot of information for our mortgage renewal, which helped us to make our decision. He was easy to communicate with and answered any questions we had very quickly. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage broker.

Anne - Toronto, Ontario


I needed mortgage refinancing advice and Darin helped get me a very low rate ,pay off my credit cards and lower my mortgage payment substantially. I highly recommend him for any mortgage related services.

John - Toronto, Ontario



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